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Web Development workshop at Sahya Arts and Science College, Wandoor

Sahya Arts and Science College, Wandoor

Aug. 31, 2019

Education is what helps the society in advance, and each country has its own individual education systems that function differently. The diverse approaches to education are due to the fact that each governing body focuses on different aspects of education. For some, it is more important to provide free education, and for others, it is more important to provide skill-based education. Students often forget what they have read within a month or two, despite exams and tests. With practical education, they are likely to remember more and the concepts they have learned will leave an impression for a longer time. Practical education also has a deeper impact on the minds of students as compared to simply reading and learning Web development workshop in on 31st August 2019 at Sahya Arts and Science College, Wandoor This hands-on learning approach allows students to test what they have read about in books. This fosters curiosity and a love of learning in students, which is slightly difficult to do with just theoretical education. When students see for themselves what theory teaches them, they are likely to remember it better. At the end of the day, students are educated to deal with real-life situations. To sow the seed of curiosity, Talrop conducted a one-day web development workshop in Sahya Arts and Science College, Wandoor. In this session the students went through the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for website development from scratch. A healthy combination of theoretical and practical education is the only way forward for our education system. Theory, by itself, does not teach the relevant skills or equip students for the real world. Practical education, by itself, cannot stand without a base in theoretical education. Therefore, it becomes necessary to combine these two concepts in varying percentages based on the grade and skill level of the students to give them quality education and make them better professionals.

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