Transforming Kerala to the modern era

This community development provides technological professionals and citizens across the community. People will have multiple opportunities to learn what's new in the profession, to exchange ideas and will receive a web presence for attracting new leads in the technical area and guiding them towards conversion of Kerala to the digital world. It expresses community values and goals and portrays the communities vision to create an overall sense of digital Kerala. The science of today is the technology of tomorrow and here where is the future begins.


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Mission E-Kerala 2023

A non-profit project

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E-governance doesn’t properly work?

Smart class rooms can't implement?

Technology startups doesn’t get a large number of customers


The answer to the 3 question is the same, as we can say, that our society needs more of the current technology awareness and its benefits in our day-to-day life. E-kerala project delivers the solution to bring out the most of an individual for the betterment of the society. Every individual will be given proper training and awareness of technology changing their mindset to understand the pros of the digital world, and not only believe in the myth of technology. E-kerala focuses to increase the number of smart people who can carry out their daily tasks using technology and thus saving time.

Our Mission

People with knowledge in technology

Smart classrooms


More Technology Startups

Spaces we can utilise

  • Public Libraries
  • Panchayat Halls
  • Suitable Houses
  • Classrooms
  • Public Parks
  • Computer Centers

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Learn Technology in 6 Months

We are directing a technology training program for the people. Technology spins around everyone but they don't know how to utilize it. So we will assist them with our technology training programme. Inside the brief timeframe, can learn each and everything about technology. We will make everyone legends in technology. It was such an incredible opportunity. It will be a makeover for career and life. It is very beneficial and it will uplift them in society.

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Brands we promote

Every students responsibility is to transform our nation

Students are the future of our nation. They can create changes in our society. Through training them perfectly from the campuses they are in, we can create innovative young people. Only through breaking the conventional studies we can change their attitude, their behaviour and their aim. Only from the nuts and bolts, we can make an ideal thing if attempts to make it from the centre it will break at some point. So each and every student have the responsibility to move forward with an aim from the heart, to transform our nation for a better tomorrow.