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Technology Training to the Teachers

Talrop Techies park, Jamia Nadwiyya Edavanna Malappuram

Nov. 27, 2018

It was our privilege that we conduct workshops for everyone. Technology awareness is one of the most essential things for the common people. Now people who work in any field who should be aware of the internet and its usages. We can give classes to the students usually but at the same time, we want to give the mutual opportunity to the teachers. Only through them, we can implement education, we can mold a technical future. Through giving detailed descriptions about the importance and uses of technology and how they can use it in their teaching. This workshops will guide them in implementing technological education through their syllabuses. ICT awareness programme at Talrop Techies Park, Edavanna, 27th November 2018. We got an opportunity to conduct an ICT awareness programme for AIA College, Kuniyil in Talrop Techies Park, Edavanna and around 15 people attended the programme. The session detailed the scope of technology implementation in education. Through addressing technology in their textbooks and in the teaching process. With chapters focusing on online and blended learning, use of the internet, learning applications, use of projector etc. The role of technology in teaching will give an easy and fast way of communication with students. The support we received from the participants was beyond words. We were able to help them understand how they can implement these ideas in converting the traditional classroom experience to effective learning. They commented that the session was very useful. We thank everyone who participated in the workshop very effectively.

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