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Technology training programme for students from GBHSS Mithirmala

Talrop Techies Park, Trivandrum

Feb. 23, 2018

We are very happy to take classes for school students. Because School students are very anxious about technological advancement and their studies. They are very interestingly asking questions regarding technology and its functions an, of course, the fresh brains work so creatively and smartly. Technology training programme for the students from GBHSS Mithirmala at Talrop Techies Park kvups, pangode, Trivandrum on 23rd February 2018. Our workshops are always interactive where a student can clarify any doubts, gain any further knowledge which we glad to provide. We thank the school management and the Teachers for their cooperation and arrangement for the workshop also we thank the students and teachers who made an effort to reach techies park, Trivandrum for attending the workshop. We are happy to received reviews as it was a wonderful event for the students participated in the workshop also it was indeed an amazing experience.

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