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Technology learning (python/django workshop)

MEA Engineering College, Perinthalmanna

March 19, 2019

Now technology becomes an essential part of our life, but people are using conventional ways because of the lack of knowledge in using technology. We provide technology education from its basics. Python/Django workshop at MEA College perinthalmanna, Malappuram on 18th and 19th March 2019. We conducted Python/Django workshop at MEA College, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram on 18th and 19th March 2019. More than 40 students participated in the workshop. It was such an informative workshop for the students. Students got an opportunity to know widely about python/Django. After the theoretical session, we provided a practical part. We thank the college management for their cooperation and arrangements for the programme. We also thank the students who actively participated in this workshop. It was indeed a pleasant experience.

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