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2nd day of technology awareness class at Alpha College & Computers, Kadakkal

Alpha College & Computers, Chingeli, Kadakkal

May 15, 2019

Next day of Technology Awareness program at Alpha College & Computers, Kadakkal, Kollam was loaded with an energetic group of students. The programme was conducted on 15th May 2019, around 50 people attended the program. The fun-filled and informative class was taken by our Grolius team. Technology awareness programme was conducted on 15th May 2019 at Alpha college and computers Kadakkal, Kollam. The session detailed the scope of technology implementation in education.  Through our classes, we address technology in their textbooks and discussed its uses in education. The sessions also discussed online blended learning, use of the internet, learning applications, use of visual aids, etc. The support we received from the participants was amazing. We were able to help them understand how they can implement these ideas in converting the traditional classroom experience to effective learning. We feel glad to have spent an amazing session with the energetic participants. It was undoubtedly, a great event. We thank the students, teachers, who actively participated in the programme.

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