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"Prepare for Industry 4.0" at Nasra Arts and Science College, Tirurkad

Nasra Arts and Science College, Tirurkad

Oct. 24, 2019

An awareness programme on ‘Prepare for Industry 4.0 for Nasra Arts And Science College was held on 24th October 2019, in which more than 30 students and teachers have participated. A combination of presentations and interactions with participants is use to increase awareness in promoting science and technology. The programme provided an opportunity for students to actively interact with our eminent software engineers. All the sessions not only provided an interactive atmosphere for young students but also helped answer some of their queries through imparting knowledge by distinguished engineers. Prepare for Industry 4.0 at Nasra Arts and Science College, Tirurkad on 24th October 2019. We have a vested interest in inspiring today’s students to discover their potential to be innovators and leaders in science and technology. We are expanding the IT program into new regions in order to extend the benefits of the program to as many students as we can.

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