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Industrial visit programme for Rahmaniya, Mampad school students

Talrop Techies Park, Jamia Nadwiyya, Edavanna

July 31, 2019

Nowadays, the implementation of technologies in education can be seen not only in the tertiary institution but also in primary and secondary. Technology is seen as an important tool in today’s world where most of the affairs such as business, education and networking are done using technological devices. Industrial Visit Programme as part of the mission, Meet the Industry at Talrop Techies Park, Jamia Nadwiyya, Edavanna, Malappuram on 31st July 2019. Talrop invited the students of Rahmaniya school, Mampad for an Industrial visit and Awareness Program as part of the mission, Meet the Industry. They visited Talrop's Techies Park at Edavanna on 31 July 2019. They gave them an Awareness program on technology. They provided a hands-on session on web development. Students got an opportunity to interact with the engineers. The students got a clear idea of how an IT company works.

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