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Industrial visit programme for Mannaniya College students

Talrop Techies Park, Trivandrum

Dec. 25, 2019

The aim of industrial visit is to provide exposure to students about the practical working environment. That also provides students a good opportunity to gain full awareness about industrial practices. Through the industrial visit, students get awareness about new technologies. Industrial Visit Programme as part of the mission, eKerala.org at Talrop Techies Park, Trivandrum on 25th December 2019. NSS team from Mannaniya college, Pangode, Trivandrum has visited Talrop at Trivandrum on 25th December 2019 as per part of their camp. Our Grolius team introduced the latest technologies and prepared them for Industry 4.0. The students were really impressed and had a very productive time at Talrop, gaining knowledge and experiencing a different atmosphere unlike from their campus.

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