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ICT training programme for D.El.Ed students

Talrop Techies Park, Jamia Nadwiyya, Edavanna

March 27, 2019

The use of ICT in teaching-learning process is a relatively new phenomenon. The use of ICT in the classroom is very important for it provides opportunities for teachers and students to operate, store, manipulate, and retrieve information, encourage independent and active learning. ICT Training programme for D.El.Ed students in Talrop Techies Park, Jamia Nadwiyya, Edavanna on 27th March 2019. A one-day workshop for D.El.Ed students were held on 27th March 2019 at Talrop Techies Park. Through this workshop, we focus on to provide them with a development environment. After each part of the event, we gave them an interactive session, which had raised many questions and we were happy to answer them. We thank the college management for their cooperation and also the students who actively participated in the programme. The program has thus a pivotal role to develop such prospective teachers who are prepared to learn new techniques and strategies and ready to face the challenges of ever-changing future.

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