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"Balasangamam 2019" at AMUP School, Aroor, Malappuram

AMUP School, Aroor, Malappuram

Dec. 24, 2019

All the sector over recent years has taken a significant shift with the 'Fourth Revolution' - moving towards the Industry 4.0. The convergence of industrial production and information and communication technologies is called Industry 4.0. It is currently one of the most frequently discussed topics among practitioners and academics. Technology Awareness at AMUP School, Aroor on 24th December 2019. In accordance with Kudumbashree CDS, Pullikal Panchayath they had conducted “Balasangamam 2019” at AMUP School, Aroor inviting team Talrop as a part of Technology Awareness Program which focused on the key topics needed to start the journey into the fourth phase of the industrial revolution. Gladly, the students actively participated in the awareness class and made it very interactive and productive. The audience were really impressed and had a very productive time with team Talrop, gaining knowledge and experiencing a different atmosphere unlike in their campus.

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